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4x4x48 Challenge Brief

  • Brief


  • Starting time: Friday 4th March, 8pm

    The concept is simple. Run or walk the distance as prescribed to your level of entry every 4 hours for 48 hours. 


    4 miles


    3 miles


    2 miles


    1 mile


  • Start at Friday 4th March at 8pm

    To ensure all of Team Rokman are participating in the challenge at the same time it is recommended that you begin your challenge attempt at the time and date above. If that's not possible for you and you plan starting at a different time, then please do so. The ultimate goal is to have as many people as possible complete the challenge.

  • Share you progress and updates to Team Rokman

    This is a team effort, so be sure to share your photos, times and experience with the rest of Team Rokman in the Facebook group. The group provides an excellent source of inspiration and support. #TeamRokman

  • Set treadmill to 2.5% gradient

    It is preferred that you tackle this challenge outside. However, if you are unable to do so, you may use a treadmill to complete the challenge. If you do decide to use a treadmill, you must set the treadmill gradient to 2.5%.

  • Plan your route before hand

    Use a route planner to plot your route before you set off. Try and select the flattest route possible with as little disturbances as possible, i.e. road crossings.

  • Stay hydrated

    It’s vital you stay hydrated during your challenge. Ensure you factor in water breaks to keep your body operating at peak performance – and don’t forget to stretch after completing to help your body recover.

  • Let others know

    When performing any challenge, we strongly recommend you let a friend or family member know what you are doing and where and when you are doing it and what time you are expected to return incase you face any difficulty. Be sure to take a mobile phone with you on every run.

Health & safety

This is a brutal physical challenge for which you are responsible for your own health and safety. It is imperative that you read through, understand and follow our health and safety guidelines before you embark on your challenge attempt.

Deadline: 28th March

It is highly recommended that you complete the challenge from the Friday 4th to Sunday 6th March 2022, however, we will accept submissions right up until 28th March. We will not accept submissions after this time.


If you have purchased a Challenge Pack, you are eligible to submit your challenge evidence for review, verification and scoring. You may only submit your evidence once. All evidence is final.

Evidence Format:

  • Fitness Tracker


Before submitting, please make sure you have ready:

  • Challenge Pack Order Number

    Found on your purchase confirmation email

  • Weblink to Evidence

    Unfortunately, we do not yet have the technology to allow you to directly upload your evidence, so in order for you to submit your evidence we require you to submit a weblink to such evidence. There are a number of ways to get a weblink to your evidence, you can either:

    • Upload your evidence to our Team Rokman Facebook Group
    • Share the direct weblink to your fitness tracker activity
    • Share a link to a screenshot of your activity via a file-sharing website such as

Help & Support

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.