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TwoBikeTo cycle world trip

Rokman interview the inspiring couple behind the cycle-adventure blog, TwoBikeTo. Matt and Becky are a British couple that in June 2018, took the leap and quit their full-time jobs to fulfil their dream of travelling the world by bicycle. Currently riding through Bulgaria, we catch up with them to find out how they're doing.

Who are you?

B: We are ‘Two Bike To...’ or Matt + Becky, exhausting the little savings we have that could be a deposit for a house to cycle around the world.


What are you doing?

M: We are shunning adulthood and cycling as far as we can in one year, self-supported.


Who were you before you started your journey?

We were two newly qualified architects living and working in London, high-pressure jobs and long hours.

Becky Matt TwoBikeTo

Why are you doing the trip?

M: Due to our long studies, we felt we missed out on travelling that most people seem to do in their 20’s, so I guess we’re making up for lost time. We hope to have tested the body to the max, lived out a once-impossible dream and bring back a wealth of anecdotes to talk about in the pub.


Where have you been so far?
B: Leaving London in June this year we have cycled along the Rhine and Danube rivers, across Europe through eight countries and currently we are in Bulgaria.

 Matthew Arnold TwoBikeTo

What has been your strategy for packing your kit?

B: Initially, we set a weight limit to work towards (about 12KG each). We soon realised this was an impossible goal after buying all the essential kit. We split the shared items between us and did a trial pack.

M: Clothes were the biggest variable weight that we stripped down to the bare minimum (eg. two pairs of underwear only). The final weigh-in was approximately 22KG each, including a few luxuries such as a laptop. Today we have just reviewed all our kit and aim to send home 4KG of kit each which now we consider being unnecessary, mainly clothes! 


Becky TwoBikeTo

What’s the one piece of kit you've taken that you possibly couldn’t travel without?
M: Sleeping mat (new Thermorest one, first one popped!)
B: Phone! Sad, I know.


What’s your top tip for travelling light?

M: Don’t buy into the gadgets. Think only basic needs: Sleep, eat and dress for the weather.


Aren't you sick of each other yet?
M: Surprisingly no. We have argued much less than we first imagined.
B: Alone time is important and books are perfect for this!


Why cycling?
M: Why, because it suited our budget. In our experience, you’re seen as more vulnerable so you’re more welcomed and you’re aware of the subtle changes in the landscape and culture.

 TwoBikeTwo Cycling world trip

What is your travelling philosophy?
B: Recently - listen to your body. Go far when you feel up to it and ease off when tired. We have the luxury of time to appreciate where we are and really get to know the place and interact with the people.


How fit do you need to be to undertake the trip? Did you do much training beforehand?

M: General fitness is fine. Becky did zero training but wasn’t totally fitness shy before we started. As long as you can ride a bike and have determination you’ll be fine. In a matter of weeks, you’re as fit as you need to be!

What has been your worst experience so far?
M: Very tame actually, but in France, we were forced to order food when only requesting a glass of wine in a wine bar. Shit waiter. Hope to have fruitier stories in future. 


And the best?
B: Croatia. The World Cup semi-final with England. This was the point where we realised the amazing kindness of strangers. 
TwoBikeTo Vineyards


What’s the best advice you could give someone who fancies taking on a similar challenge?
B: Don’t even think twice. It will never be the wrong decision.


Where are you off to next?

M: We are in Bulgaria for two weeks, then we cross into Greece before making our way east to Turkey!


How can people follow your journey?

Either our Instagram @twobiketo for regular updates, Facebook or we have a website: 


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