Gurkha - 2 | Lift and Carry

Gurkha - 2 | Lift and Carry

Gurkha Challenge Series

Complete each challenge within series to earn your finishers pip.

  • Brief


Repeated Lift and Carry

A repeated lift and carry challenge where the challenger must perform 15 shuttles (up and back equals one shuttle) on a 15m track with weight and 14-times without, alternating each up and back shuttle with and without weight.

15 Shuttles weighted
14 Shuttles unweighted

One shuttle = Up (15m) + Back (15m)

Must alternate between weighted and unweighted shuttles.

You can watch an example of a short version of the challenge here.

Select your preferred weight to undertake the challenge from the list below:

Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4




  • Measure and mark out a 15m track
    Use a tape measure to measure out a 15m clear track in which to conduct the fitness test and mark it out with cones or alternative objects.
  • Use a weighted rucksack or gym sandbag for the weight
    You can use whatever weight you like, however, it is recommended that you use either a rucksack filled with weight or a gym sandbag/powerbag to conduct the fitness test.
  • Place one foot outside markers
    When you reach the end of the track at both ends you must place one foot outside the markers.
  • Place the weight outside the marker
    When resting the weight between shuttles, you must place the weight outside of the marker.











  • Video Recording

    Video requirements

    1. Be uncut, unedited and recorded in real-time. Strictly no time-lapse.
    2. Clearly show the participant meeting the challenge's set requirements.
    3. Display the whole challenge in its entirety from start to finish.

    Film Recommendations

    1. To keep the video file as small as possible, ensure that you set recording to the lowest resolution. There's no need for 4K Ultra Hi-def videos here.
    2. Be sure that you have enough recording space on your device's hard drive.
    3. Make sure you have enough battery power for the recording. Are you able to plug your device into a power source while recording?


Before submitting, please make sure you have your evidence ready. Submit evidence for all of the challenges in the same challenge series by the deadline below to earn your Finishers Pip.

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It is highly recommended that you complete the challenge within 7-days of its issue, however, we will accept submissions right up until the end of the series deadline detailed at the top of the page.

Health & Safety

This is a brutal physical challenge for which you are responsible for your own health and safety. It is imperative that you read through, understand and follow our health and safety guidelines before you embark on your challenge attempt. This list is only a guide. It is your responsibility to take the appropriate health and safety measures during the attempt of a challenge.

  • Consult a physician

    You should consult a physician before you begin any strenuous exercise program, such as the one described on this website, especially if you have or suspect that you may have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other adverse medical conditions. If you feel faint or dizzy at any time while performing any challenges or exercise, stop immediately and seek medical evaluation.  

  • Plan your route

    On running challenges, we strongly recommend planning your route with online running route planners. This leaves out the guesswork, allowing you to know the distance and elevation before you embark on the challenge.

  • Let others know

    When performing any challenge, we strongly recommend you let a friend or family member know what you are doing and where and when you are doing it and what time you are expected to return incase you face any difficulty.

  • Carry a mobile phone

    We strongly advice that you carry with you a fully charged mobile phone and back up battery if possible.

  • Bad weather

    Keep an eye on the weather forecast.

  • Nutrition and hydration

    You are responsible for your own nutrition and hydration as this is a self-disciplined event. Please ensure you have enough fluids and food or adequate access to these. Click here to read our guide on fuelling correctly for this challenge.

Help and Support

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.