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Repeated Lift & Carry of Weight over 30m

Run 30m 15 times with the weight and 14 times without. 

Advanced: 20kg
Intermediate: 15kg
Moderate: 10kg
Novice: 5kg



    As part of the regional Central process, just outside of Pokhara, Gurkha recruits are expected to demonstrate their strength and determination with a long Lift & Carry test.

    The aim of this test is to complete the challenge in the quickest possible time. The Lift & Carry is used over traditional exercises, such as push-ups and sit-ups, to simulate a real-life battle situation. No one has ever done a push-up in the field, but they have had to carry heavy objects and/or casualties.



    • Marked out 15m track
    • Weight specific to your level of entry - Feel free to use whatever weight you like, however, we would recommend either using a weighted gym sandbag or weighted rucksack.


      1. Once you are ready, start your timer. Pick up the weight and carry it to the end of the track.
      2. Once you reach the end of the track, place your foot outside of the end marker, then turnaround and carry the weight back to the start of the track.
      3. Once you reach the start point, place the weight down outside of the end marker, turn around and run back to the opposite end of the track without the weight.
      4. Once you reach the end of the track, place your foot outside of the end marker, turn around and run back.
      5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until you have completed the set number relays.


      Evidence & Verification

      Primary Evidence:
      Video recording of attempt


      Supportive Evidence:
      Picture of weight on scales or other weighing device

      Challenge review, verification, scoring and award is only available to Challenge Pack purchasers. You may upgrade your entry by purchasing a challenge pack at any point.



      Challenge Completion
      Advanced Intermediate Moderate Novice
       Points 40 30 20 10

      Bonus Points Scoring

       Time Bonus Points
      Under 6 mins 30 secs 20
      Under 6 mins 45 secs 18
      Under 7 mins 00 secs 16
      Under 7 mins 15 secs 14
      Under 7 mins 30 secs 12
      Under 7 mins 45 secs 10
      Under 8 mins 00 secs 8
      Under 8 mins 15 secs 6
      Under 8 mins 30 secs 4
      Under 8 mins 45 secs 2
      Under 9 mins 00 secs 1


      How do I record my attempt?

      How do I submit my evidence?


      Safety Guidelines

      This is a brutal physical challenge for which you are responsible for your own health and safety. It is imperative that you read through, understand and follow our health and safety guidelines before you embark on your challenge attempt. 

      Challenge Health & Safety Guidelines