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How do I film my challenge attempt?

How do I film my challenge attempt?


  1. Be uncut, unedited and recorded in real-time. Strictly no time-lapse.
  2. Clearly show the participant meeting the challenge's set requirements.
  3. Display the whole challenge in its entirety from start to finish.


  1. Battery Power
    Ensure your camera has enough battery power to last the duration of the challenge. For phones, as a precaution, it's recommended you keep your device plugged into a power source.
  2. Device Memory
    Filming for such long periods can take up a lot of space on the camera's memory. Ensure that your device has enough memory to save the recording. You could also check your camera's setting to ensure that it's recording in low definition. There is no need for your attempt to be recorded in ultra 4k High Definition.

Uploading evidence:

To upload your evidence to Rokman, we require a URL link to your video.

Accepted link formats: Social media posts (e.g. Facebook, Team Rokman Facebook Group, Instagram), video upload sites (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo) or file uploaded sites (e.g. WeTransfer).