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 No. of Runs in a Week Challenge:

  • Advanced: 6 runs
  • Intermediate: 5 runs
  • Moderate: 4 runs
  • Novice: 3 runs 

*2-mile minimum distance per run

Bonus points given for each run that starts before 6:00am.

Only one run can per recorded per day.




Challenge Description

The image of boxers getting up before the crack of dawn and pounding the pavement cuts to the core of any boxing program. For week 1, you are required to get out and hit the pavement to build the cardiovascular fitness and leg strength needed to become a contender.

With bonus points for starting your run before 6:00am, this challenge will test your mental strength and fortitude, building a discipline which will help you in the later challenges.

However, unlike Rocky, drinking raw eggs beforehand is not advised.


Per Run 5 Points
Starting before 6:00am 5 Points



Evidence:  ⌚ Fitness Tracker
Submit a link to your fitness tracker activity for each run.

    Challenge review, verification, scoring and award is only available to 
    Challenge Pack purchasers. You may upgrade your entry by purchasing a challenge pack at any point.


    Safety Guidelines

    This is a brutal endurance challenge for which you are responsible for your own health and safety. It is imperative that you read through, understand and follow our health and safety guidelines before you embark on your challenge attempt. 

    Challenge Health & Safety Guidelines


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