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1st - 28th January | Free entry

  • Week 1: Tactical Sprint

    1.5-Mile run for time

  • Week 2: Hill Dance

    Weekly elevation accumulation challenge

  • Week 3: Escape & evasion

    5km run for time x 2

  • Week 4: The Long Drag

    Weekly distance accumulation challenge

JANUARY | Inspired by UK Special Forces Selection

Please note that this challenge series is in no way associated with any military organisation. The challenges therein are not meant to provide an authentic military experience, they have merely taken inspiration from selection tests documented online in honour of armed forces.

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The struggle is real

There's nothing virtual about our virtual challenges

With no race-day crowds to cheer you on, our online challenges are designed to provide the ultimate opportunity to test and build your mental fortitude so that you achieve a higher state of performance and mental wellbeing.

  • 4 Weeks of varied challenges

    Much more challenging and enjoyable than regular distance accumulator virtual running challenges.

  • Stay Focussed & motivated

    Having a purpose and meaning to your training is shown to drastically increase your commitment to your goals.

  • Fits around any existing training

    Each challenge has been designed to fit in and around your life and any existing training.

  • improve Performance & wellbeing

    By pushing your physical limits you achieve greater psychological activation, strengthening your mind and increasing your ability to deal with the stresses and pressures of everyday life.

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Rokman Challenge Series are completely free to enter and take part. However, to get the full challenge series experience you may upgrade your entry at any time by purchasing a Rokman Challenge Pack. Benefits include:

  • Exclusive Finishers Pip & Certificate

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  • Discounted Rokman training t-shirt

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  • Access to 'opt-in' leaderboard

    Providing a healthy measure of friendly competition.

  • Donation to Royal British Legion

    Portion of proceeds donated to the Royal British Legion to help support veterans and their families

Weekly Challenges:

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Tactical Sprint

1.5-Mile run for time

The first week's challenge is inspired by the UKSF military pre-training fitness tests, used to establish if the potential recruit has what it takes to hack it as an SF soldier.


Hill Dance

Weekly elevation accumulation challenge

Advanced: 3,000ft

Intermediate: 2,250ft

Moderate: 1,500ft

Novice: 750ft

Hill Dance is inspired by the infamous Special Forces selection exercise, The Fan Dance, where recruits are required to hill-march up and over the highest point in South Britain, Pen Y Fan...twice!

The elevation may be split up into multiple workouts over the week. Bonus Points will be awarded for the fewer workouts taken to achieve the elevation target.

Week 3

Escape & Evade

  1. 5km run for time
  2. 5km run faster than previous run

Inspired by the escape and evasion phase of selection, Week 3 is made up of two 5km challenge runs which can be completed at two separate occasions during the week. For the first run, you play the role of the escapee and must set your best effort 5km time. Points are awarded for time achieved. For the second 5km run, you play the role of the Hunter Force and must set out to beat the time set on your previous run. Points will only be awarded if you successfully manage to beat your previous time set.

Week 4

Long Drag

Weekly distance accumulation challenge

Advanced: 40 miles

Intermediate: 30 miles

Moderate: 20 miles

Novice: 10 miles

Bonus points will be awarded for elevation achieved.

The Long Drag is inspired by the longest and final endurance march of Special Forces High Phase. Over the course of the week, you must cover, in total, the set distance target specific to your level of entry.


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High Walk Virtual Running Challenge Series | January | UK Special Forces Selection-Inspired

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be mega fit?

No. Rokman challenge series offer a variety of different levels of entry to suit all fitness levels, from novice all the way up to advanced.

How does it work?

How does it work?

How long do we have to complete each challenge?

We recommend that you complete each challenge within 7-days from the date of issue. However, we understand that life can often get in the way, so that’s why accept submissions up until 7-days after the end of the series.

What is someone cheats?

We do our very best to weed out any cheating by asking people to evidence their challenge attempts. However, due to the nature of this being an online challenge series, it’s not 100% fool proof.We have to take everyone’s submissions at face-value. If we can confidently identify people either cheating or doing the challenge incorrectly, we will notify the competitor privately via email.At the end of the day, the leaderboard is just a bit of competitive fun. These challenges are personal tests of resilience. If people decide to cheat, they’re only cheating themselves. If you concentrate on yourself and give your best honest performance then you can hold your head high at the end of the day.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, we unable to offer refunds on challenge series entry, however, we do offer transfers. If you’re unable to take part in this challenge series, let us know and we can transfer you on to an alternative series.

Can I use a treadmill?

All running challenges are designed to undertaken outside, however, if you are unable to go outside we will accept treadmill entries. If participating on a treadmill, the treadmill must be set at a 2.5 degree angle.

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