1st - 28th February

Sickener Running & Fitness Challenge series

A four-week challenge series designed to inspire action, test your limits, build resilience and improve your health, fitness and wellbeing. 

4-Weeks of varied challenges

With each week's challenge being different, the series is much more enjoyable and challenging than regular distance accumulator challenges.

Multiple levels of fitness

Choose the entry-level suitable for your level of fitness, from Advanced to Novice.

Fits in and around your life

Find it hard to find the time to train? No problem! The series his designed to fit in and around your life and any pre-existing commitments you may have.

Finishers Pip & certificate

Earn An infamous Rokman Finishers Pip

As opposed to standard finisher medals, which get chucked into the back of a draw never be seen again, we reward our challenge series finishers with an infamous Rokman Finishers Pip and certificate. Attached proudly to the sleeve of your Rokman training t-shirt; this small patch carries with it big significance, reminding you of the grit and determination that got you there - empowering you every time you put it on!

How it works

Taking part is simple

Get each full challenge brief with all the necessary instructions and requirements sent straight to your inbox at the start of each week. Depending on the challenge, you will be required to either evidence your attempt by video or by GPS fitness tracker. Then submit your results and evidence to us via our submission form. Simple!

Healthy Competition

Track you Progress on the Leaderboard

While Rokman challenges are paths of personal discovery, the series leaderboard offers participants an extra layer of healthy competition and incentive to push their limits further. Log your results and see how you rank against all other participants around the world. The leaderboard is opt-in, so if you don't want to feature on the board you have the option to keep your results private.

Community of support

Join hundreds of like-minded individuals

Our online community comprises of hundreds of people of all ages and abilities, united by a desire to push their physical limits, toughen their minds and overcome the most intimidating challenges possible. It provides an excellent source of motivation and inspiration to help you keeping going when the going gets tough.


Achieve a higher state of resilience & wellbeing

We believe mental resilience is the cornerstone to achieving our true potential. By undertaking activities that push our limits we achieve greater psychological activation, increasing our mental resilience to stress and pressure, thus improving our health, wellbeing and overall quality of life.

The Challenges

Week 1

Death by Burpees

  • Progressive Every Minute on the Minute Challenge

In the first minute, you complete one burpee. In the second minute, you do two. Third minute, three… until you cannot complete the required burpee amount in a minute. When you have met your highest potential, the workout is over.

Week 2

Pressure Cooker KM

  • Weekly Elevation Accumulation Challenge

    Advanced - 5min 20sec

    Intermediate - 6min 00sec

    Moderate - 6min 40sec

    Novice - 7min 20sec

You've heard of the Beep Test? Well, this is like the Beep Test on a bad day. A really bad day. The test requires participants to run km splits beating the starting target time above. However, after each km, the time limit per km is lessened by 10 seconds. The test continues until the runner fails to run the km at the required time.

Week 3

Venom EMOM
  • Every minute on the minute

    - Push-up

    - Air Squat

    - Jump Squat

Perform the above circuit every minute on the minute, starting with just 1 rep of each exercise. After each minute increase the number of reps to perform by 1. So, for minute one perform one rep of each, minute two perform two reps of each, minute three perform three reps of each and so on.

Week 4

Pressure Cooker Mile

  • Weekly Distance Accumulation Challenge

    Advanced - 8min 30sec

    Intermediate - 9min 30sec

    Moderate - 10min 30sec

    Novice - 11min 30sec

Like the Pressure Cooker KM Challenge, this test requires participants to run mile split times for as long as possible starting with the target time to beat above. However, after each mile, the time limit per mile is lessened by 10-seconds. The test continues until the runner fails to run the mile split at the required time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be mega fit?

No. Rokman challenge series offer a variety of different levels of entry to suit all fitness levels, from novice all the way up to advanced.

How does it work?

How does it work?

How long do we have to complete each challenge?

We recommend that you complete each challenge within 7-days from the date of issue. However, we understand that life can often get in the way, so that’s why accept submissions up until 7-days after the end of the series.

What is someone cheats?

We do our very best to weed out any cheating by asking people to evidence their challenge attempts. However, due to the nature of this being an online challenge series, it’s not 100% fool proof.We have to take everyone’s submissions at face-value. If we can confidently identify people either cheating or doing the challenge incorrectly, we will notify the competitor privately via email.At the end of the day, the leaderboard is just a bit of competitive fun. These challenges are personal tests of resilience. If people decide to cheat, they’re only cheating themselves. If you concentrate on yourself and give your best honest performance then you can hold your head high at the end of the day.

Do you offer refunds on Challenge Packs?

Unfortunately, we unable to offer refunds on challenge series entry, however, we do offer transfers. If you’re unable to take part in this challenge series, let us know and we can transfer you on to an alternative series.

Can I use a treadmill?

All running challenges are designed to undertaken outside, however, if you are unable to go outside we will accept treadmill entries. If participating on a treadmill, the treadmill must be set at a 2.5 degree angle.

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