Max Glover Carries Piano up Mountain for Charity

September 14, 2020

The 33-year-old Rokman ambassador, Max Glover, carried the full-sized 400lb piano, 2-miles to the top of the Garth Mountain in South Wales this Sunday, raising over £1,000 for the Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital.


Speaking at the top of the mountain, Glover said: “That was one of the most intense challenges I’ve ever completed. The burn in the legs was unreal at times.

“I could not have done it without the close support from my friends, Chris McJennet, Mark Cole and Terry Rosoman, my girlfriend, Nerys, and people we met along the way. 

“However, my biggest inspiration was my good friend, Julie. Last year, after long-suffering from a genetic disease, my friend Julie underwent a double lung transplant. She supported every step of the way on this challenge, even making it to the top of the mountain, which is something she couldn’t have done a year ago.

“She is the reason why I am fundraising for the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital. They took great care of her during her recovery, so I wanted to support them and raise £1,000 to help them continue their fantastic work.

The safety of the public and care of the mountain was extremely important to Max on the challenge, who didn’t release the event’s location and time until on the day.

“To assist safety and social distancing I did not publish the exact location, route or timings until once the event was underway. As much as I would have loved crowds of cheering people, it’s just not safe or practical in this current climate. We also took extreme care to preserve the mountain, which meant we took the piano back down with us once we were done.”

Max, an ambassador of mental toughness fitness brand Rokman, and hopes that his challenge will inspire others to push their limits.

“I believe that by challenging ourselves physically we can fortify our minds and achieve a higher state of health and wellbeing. The hardest challenges I’ve ever had to face are the personal challenges that we all face in life. By pushing myself through fitness, it has, without a doubt, helped me deal with those personal challenges and be a huge positive factor in my life.”

If you would like to donate to Max’s chosen charity, you can do so via his JustGiving link below:

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