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Live a healthier life with fortitude

Ultimate Virtual Running & Fitness Challenge Series

Achieve a higher state of health, fitness and mental resilience.

What is rokman?

Resilience-focussed. Wellbeing-Driven.

Rokman is a running and fitness challenge brand for those with a deep desire to test and further their limits, and live a healthier life with fortitude. We provide the challenges, sportswear, content and community to achieve your next level of health, fitness and mental resilience.

Our ethos

Welcome the pain. Embrace the suffering.

We believe that mental resilience is the cornerstone to reaching out full potential. By undertaking activities that push our limits we achieve greater psychological activation, increasing our mental resilience to stress and pressure, thus improving our health, wellbeing and overall quality of life.

In a health and fitness industry obsessed with visual aesthetics, quick fixes and fluff words of wisdom, Rokman's real and raw approach cuts through the noise, offering a message of genuine substance and value: "Welcome the pain. Embrace the suffering."

Virtual Fitness Challenge Series

Choose your next virtual fitness challenges to keep you focused and motivated to achieve your fitness goals.

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Relentless Virtual Running Challenge Series
JUNE | 4 Weeks of Unrelenting Challenges
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Gurkha Virtual Running Challenge Series

JULY | Inspired by Gurkha Army Selection

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Fortitude Virtual Running Challenge Series | August 2022

AUGUST | Test & Build Your Mental Fortitude

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SEALS Virtual Running Challenge Series 2022
SEPTEMBER | Inspired by US Navy SEAL Selection
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Wintering Virtual Running Challenge Series | December 2022

DECEMBER | Inspired by Stoic Warrior Preparation Philosophy

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High Walk Virtual Running Challenge Series 2023
JANUARY | Inspired by UK Special Forces Selection
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Sickener Virtual Running Challenge Series 2023

FEBRUARY | Discover Your Break Point

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Ghost Stalker: Virtual Running Challenge Series

MARCH | Four Best-Effort Run Challenge

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4x4x48 Running Challenge Series

FRIDAY 4TH MARCH | Run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours

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Four Horsemen Virtual Running Challenge Series

APRIL | Test yourself against the 4 facets of fitness

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Balls Buster Running Challenge 2022

APRIL | Testicular Cancer Awareness Month Challenge

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Frogman Corp Virtual Running Challenge Series

MAY | Inspired by Danish Special Forces Selection