About Rokman

Our Mission

Our mission is To inspire healthier lives with mental fortitude.

suffering the strain

As humans, we are an aim-driven species. As we move through life, increasing responsibilities and commitments can leave us lacking the time and motivation to apply ourselves to any sort of physical pursuit. Without meaningful trials of strength and courage we stagnate, weaken and never truly flourish in life. 

embrace adversity

By embracing the discomfort of physical pursuit, we immerse ourselves in stressful environments in a controlled setting. This allows us to get comfortable being uncomfortable, strengthening our mental strength and resilience, helping us better deal with the stresses and pressures of everyday life.

Inspiring action

Rokman was created to strip away the barriers to challenges and inspire action in adults to push their limits and fortify their minds around their everyday lives - without travel, crowds, equipment, or cost.


Raising £100,000 for mental health charities

We have currently raised £7,078

To complement are efforts in trying to fortify people's mental well-being, we proudly support Mind, the mental health charity. We raise money by taking on dedicated charity endurance challenges. Previous challenges include:

our founder's story

From Rock Bottom to Rokman

My journey began with a love for fitness and a penchant for challenges, sparked by my first half marathon at the age of 22 in 2007. Despite my outward appearance as a high achiever—graduating from university with a degree in graphic communication, and juggling full-time work as a graphic designer alongside freelance gigs—I found myself ensnared in the culture of binge drinking.

To the casual observer, it might not have been evident that I struggled with alcohol. I didn't drink daily, but when I did, it was to excess. There seemed to be no off switch. As the years passed, recreational drugs entered the picture, exacerbating my downward spiral. Eventually, I hit rock bottom. Living a nihilistic existence, I was overweight, out of shape, mentally unhealthy, and devoid of purpose or meaning in my life. For a year or two, I languished without taking action, aware of my unhappiness but too mentally weak to pursue the difficult path of change. Instead, I gravitated toward the familiar solace of the pub.

It was challenges that offered me a lifeline, a means to reignite my motivation and find a purpose greater than the fleeting distractions of drinking and drugs. I embarked on my first white-collar boxing fight after committing to 12 weeks of intense training. Shedding nearly 3 stone and achieving peak fitness, I had transformed my life. This newfound dedication had a ripple effect, propelling me to complete my master's degree, secure a better job, and even find love with my future wife.

As the years passed, I observed a growing number of individuals around me grappling with mental health challenges stemming from the relentless pressures and constraints of modern life. Having experienced firsthand the transformative power of goal-setting and physical challenges, I realized I had a message worth sharing—a message of resilience, purpose, and the profound impact of embracing life's challenges head-on. Thus, the seeds of Rokman were sown, driven by a deep-seated belief in the ability of personal growth and physical endeavors to uplift and empower individuals amidst life's trials and tribulations.