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Our Mission:

To inspire you to push beyond your perceived physical limits so that you forge unbreakable mental resilience

We achieve our mission by offering the insight, inspiration and opportunity to individuals to push their physical and psychological limits.

Mental wellbeing

Achieve a higher state of performance & wellbeing

The ancient Greek philosophers, the Stoics, defined mental resilience as ‘being able to deal with the stormy weather that life throws at you’. By fortifying our minds we strength our internal positioning, improving our health, mental wellbeing and over all quality of life.

Push your limits

Welcome the pain. Embrace the suffering.

It is in suffering where we discover our true strength. It has been shown that taking on activities that stretch you physically is one of the best ways to improve your mental resilience, which in turn, has a significant factor in enabling you to deal with the stresses and pressures of everyday life. 


An antidote to the idleness of civilised life

Humans are natural risk-takers. In times of peace and plenty, we lack the satisfaction and fulfilment of real life risk-taking. Without meaningful trials of strength and courage we stagnate, weaken and never truly flourish in life. To reach our greatest potential we must run the gauntlet and face adversity head on. If you are never truly challenged in a meaningful way how can you ever be engaged enough to call yourself alive?

Realise your potential

Greatness is not restricted to the elite

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or have never set foot off the couch, we believe that everyone has the potential to take on and accomplish challenges of epic proportions.

team Rokman

Creating a community of support

When you engage with us you become part of our team. If you’re part of our team, you’re part of our family. Comprising of individuals of all ages and abilities, our online network provides an excellent system of support and inspiration to help you seize the day and smash your goals.

Our Story

From personal experience to global movement

"I don’t profess to be the best athlete in the world or even the most resilient, I'm far from it. But, I have experienced the power that pursuing a physical goal has on improving health and wellbeing first-hand and I thought that was a message worth sharing."

Terry Rosoman, Founder