About Rokman

Our Mission

Our mission is To inspire people to test and further the limits of their resilience so that they live healthier lives with fortitude.

  • Over 50% of the population do no exercise or play sport whatsoever.

  • Nearly half (43.4%) of adults believe that have had a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their life.

As humans, we are an aim-driven species. As we move through life, increasing responsibilities and commitments can leave us lacking the time and motivation to apply ourselves to any sort of physical pursuit. Without meaningful trials of strength and courage we stagnate, weaken and never truly flourish in life. Rokman was created to strip the barriers to challenges and inspire action in adults to exercise and push their limits order to help combat the mental health problem that exists in today's modern society.

Our ethos

Welcome the pain. Embrace the Suffering.

By embracing the discomfort of physical pursuit, we immerse ourselves in stressful environments in a controlled setting. This allows us to get comfortable being uncomfortable, strengthening our mental strength and resilience, helping us better deal with the stresses and pressures of everyday life.

Our core values

  • Strength

    Strength is more than physical; it's mental and emotional fortitude. It empowers one to endure adversity, persevere through challenges, and maintain composure in the face of turmoil.

  • Courage

    Courage is the catalyst for growth, propelling individuals beyond fear's grasp toward new horizons. It emboldens action, fuels resilience, and inspires transformational change.

  • Progression

    Focusing on improvement cultivates mastery, propels innovation, and fosters personal and societal advancement, leading to a fulfilling and purposeful life.

  • Honour

    Honour thrives in loyalty, support, and teamwork. It upholds integrity, fosters trust, and strengthens bonds. Enriching lives with dignity and respect.

Our story

"Challenges pulled me back from the brink"

I'm Terry Rosoman, the founder of Rokman. Back in 2014, at 29, I hit rock bottom—unfit, overweight, and utterly dissatisfied with where life was headed. But instead of succumbing to despair, I decided to rewrite my story.

I challenged myself to the Cardiff Half Marathon, a monumental task that demanded everything I had. For 12 intense weeks, I pushed my limits, shedding pounds and discovering reservoirs of resilience within. It wasn't just about losing weight; it was about reclaiming control, finding purpose, and embracing a healthier, happier lifestyle.

My own metamorphosis opened my eyes to a larger societal issue: a growing epidemic of stress, anxiety, and neglect of personal well-being. That's when the idea for Rokman was born.

In 2018, I launched Rokman—an online platform designed to break down the barriers to self-improvement. No more rigid schedules, intimidating atmospheres, or distant locations. Rokman empowers anyone, anywhere, to embark on their own journey of growth and discovery, on their own terms.

My mission is simple: to inspire a world where personal excellence is within reach for everyone, where challenges become opportunities, and where every step forward is a victory worth celebrating.


Proudly supporting Mind, the mental health charity

We have currently raised £7,078

To complement are efforts in trying to fortify people's mental well-being, we proudly support Mind, the mental health charity. We raise money by taking on dedicated charity endurance challenges. Previous challenges include: