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October 03, 2020

Welshman, Terry Rosoman, ran 50-miles carrying a weighted load that increased by 1lb for every £50 raised during the challenge for Mind, the mental health charity.

The 35-year-old challenge-enthusiast started the challenge at 5:00 am Saturday 3rd October carrying 14lb on his back, reflecting the money raised prior to the start. By the end, Terry had raised almost £1,500, carrying a 26lb in weight, completing the course in 12 hours 35 minutes.

Speaking at the finish line, Terry said: “To be honest, although it was tough, I really enjoyed the first 45-miles. Seeing the donations come in and having some fantastic support from friends and family really helped to spur me on.

“However, the last 5-mile lap was hell on Earth. It was almost as if my body knew I was coming to the end so starting breaking down. By the time I crossed the finish line, I had well and truly been chewed up and spat out by challenge. If it wasn’t for the people who donated and the people who came out to support I probably wouldn’t have even made it to the finish, so thank you to you all!

When asked why Terry was undertaking such a challenge, he said: “With lockdowns, restrictions, ever-changing rules and the fear of a deadly virus, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had a tough time recently due to the coronavirus. The sad truth is, people suffering from mental illness can find these circumstances particularly challenging. That’s why I wanted to raise money for Mind. I wanted to help them continue their fantastic work supporting people with mental illness during this crucial time.

The safety of the public was also extremely important to Terry, who asked people to support online rather than in person.

“To assist safety and social distancing I did not publish the exact location, route or timings of the challenge. As much as I would have loved crowds of cheering people, it’s just not practical in this current climate.”

Working with the mental toughness fitness brand, Rokman, Terry explained the concept behind the challenge: “The weight represented the increasing pressures that we all experience through life. Mental toughness and the ability to keep going, never giving up, can play a huge role in how we handle those stressors. I am certainly not the best athlete in the world but I hope by undertaking this challenge, it inspires others to push their limits. By setting the most intimidating goal possible and working to achieve that goal, we not only improve physical fitness but also fortify our mental strength and achieve a higher state of performance and mental wellbeing, ultimately improving our overall quality of life.

If you would like to donate to Terry’s cause, you can still do so via the link below:

JustGiving: Pound for Pound Ultramarathon

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