Tactical Strength: 6-Week Bodyweight Training Program

Rokman / Training

6-Week online video training program to build a strong and functional physique with minimal equipment for increased performance in running, sport and life.
  • Fitness Level: Moderate to Advanced

  • Duration: 6-weeks

  • Workouts per week: 2 x strength, 1 x training challenge

  • Opt-in Leaderboard: Display your training challenge results

  • Equipment require: Pull-up bar and weighted rucksack or sandbag or dumbbells

Program Benefits

  • Increase muscle strength, endurance and mental resilience

  • Increase/maintain aerobic and anaerobic capacity levels

  • Change body composition, lose body fat and increase muscle size

  • Develop kinaesthetic awareness and better mechanical energy

Who is it for?

  • Anyone looking to increase their strength, movement and performance in sport-specific activities, running and/or obstacle races/Rokman Challenges.

  • You are new to strength and conditioning training

  • You are returning from a training hiatus and want to rebuild your body, get back to basics and develop greater strength, fitness and movement.

  • You have minimal equipment but still want to train anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere.

5 Instructional workout videos

Workout anywhere, anytime

This 6-week strength and conditioning programme consists 2 x strength workouts and 1 x training challenge per week. This means that this programme can easily fit in and around your life and/or run alongside any other sport-specific training or Rokman Challenge Series.

Because this is an online program, you can follow along on any device, meaning you can carry your gym around with you at all time.

The Challenge Series Twist

3 x Training Challenges

Each week's training challenges provide a great way in which to benchmark your progress throughout the 6-weeks of the program.

You also have the optional choice to submit your challenge attempt evidence for manual review, validation and scoring so as to feature on the Tactical Strength Training Challenge Leaderboard. This level of accountability provides some healthy competition and great motivation to push your limits.

No gym. No Weights. No Problem

Total-Body Bodyweight Program

This programme is largely based around bodyweight exercises with no need for equipment other than a pull-up bar and weighted rucksack/sandbag.

Swapping the machines in favour of ‘free’ exercises can result in greater muscle activation. All of the muscles in the body must work together for the desired results, demanding more of your body’s mechanical energy and encouraging the muscles and joints to work cohesively. This can increase connecting muscle and joint strength, helping to increase performance and reduce injury.

What is Tactical Strength?

Functionality & Performance

Tactical fitness is not about working out to get good at working out, it's about creating strength and fitness that carry over into real-life movements like runs, lifts, carries, crawls, rucks, swims, and mobility, even analytical and creative thinking.

Senior Instructor

Max Glover

Max is a former Royal Marine turned YouTube challenge-athlete and qualified personal trainer.

Max has undertaken some incredible feats of strength and endurance over the years, including pulling a car a marathon distance and carrying a piano on his back up a mountain, making him the perfect person to help you build your strength.

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